Mario Bros. Printable - Play Dough Wrapper

Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Kids! You gotta love 'em! Check out this conversation from last week I had with my son the day before the last day of school. On our way out the door for school!

Son: Mom, Mrs A. said us kids that celebrate our birthdays in the summer, can still have a birthday party in class sometime during the year.

Me: Son! Tomorrow is your last day of school!

Son: But Mom, we can just take a little treat and that's it.

Me: And when are we supposed to do this? Today? Tomorrow? And tomorrow is a half day!

Son: Oooookayyyyyyy. :( Neeeeverrrrrrr minnnnnnd. :(

Me: (Sigh) Let me talk to your teacher and see what she says.

I couldn't say no he looked so bummed. So I talked to teacher and the next morning we took donuts with sprinkles of course. And there I was at the last minute trying to get together favor bags for 23 kids! Good thing the whole family pitched in!

One of the things we put in was play dough. I found these at my local dollar tree. 8 for a buck! We're on a budget here.
I made Mario Bros. wrappers and wrapped them right around the existing label and taped.
What do you think? Not bad for last minute eh?

I've included the wrappers/labels below for you to use! Click on the photo below to enlarge then click on it again to enlarge even more, then right click on it and save to your computer then print. Prints on a full 8.5 x 11 sheet.


  1. Oooooh,

    Your son must be happy with his mum and the treads he can give the kids in his class.

  2. My son would looove this! Great idea especially for last minute.

  3. That is so cute and such a wonderful idea!