I Won

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A few weeks back The Dress-up Drawer had a giveaway for some sweet stationary from The English Pea. And I won! Yay for me! Don't you just feel so special and grateful when you win? I do! 

Cute stuff over at The English Pea, so much to choose from! There are tons that I liked and decided on these for my son's teacher. We will give them to her for an end of year/goodbye gift. Along with a necklace of course!
What I like most about the English Pea is their great selection of cute stuff for BOYS! If you're a mom of boys then you know how hard it is to find cute stuff for boys! Check these out!

And there are more including trains and animals! And cute stuff for girls too of course. Thank you Dress-up Drawer for choosing me and thank you English Pea for my great stationary!

BTW- Feeling much better now! Thanks for your get well wishes!

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  1. So glad you like it and thanks for the feature. I hope your teacher is thrilled.