DIY Fish Bowl Carnival Game

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Remember the Fish in a Bag Soap tutorial here? Well, this is the game that was played in order to win one of those fishies! And here is how we made it!
12 Ivy Bowls
1 Giant Tube
Plenty of Ping Pong balls!

Ivy bowls are fairly inexpensive, but when you need several they can add up! We hit up our local thrift shops and found these (and 6 more) and they averaged out to 30 cents each! Don't you just love those bows? So cute! {wink}
We took a little soap and water to them and they were like  new again! (Drying in the sun.)
My husband brought home this giant tube from work that was being dumped in the trash. We cut that in half and then did some decorative cutting until we got a design we were happy with. Then we painted it blue. If you can't find a giant tube be creative, try a large box or kiddie pool.
We printed the outline of letters that spell "Fish Bowl Game" on colored paper and cut those letters out. Then we printed out some large, cute fish and cut those out. Letters and fish can just as easily be free hand drawn. We glued all letters and fish to the tube.

We printed out small fish and stuck them to the bowls. Place all bowls in the tube and now all that's left to do is play the game by trying to throw the Ping Pong balls in the bowls. And win yourself a Fish in a Bag!
Hope you like it!


  1. Ok...once again...totally going to copy you! TOO CUTE!

  2. This must have been a fantastic party! Such creativity! Love it! (Still think the soap fish is my favorite.)

  3. Such a GREAT idea!! This would have been a good addition to our carnival party! :)

  4. Thank you for linking up to my Party Link Party!!

    This is another fun and original idea with fish :)

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  5. What a great idea. We always seem to have tons of those ivy bowls around. Thank you for sharing.

  6. SO fun. I love that game idea too! Thanks for sharing at 'Look at me, I'm SO Crafty!' at Fun to Craft.

  7. i'm searching the web for carnival game ideas for my son's upcoming birthday party and i came across your blog. i really like your fishbowl game but i REALLY wanted to comment because i took a peek at your christian jewelry - beautiful! i just wanted to let you know, one artisan to another ;-) God bless!

  8. This is really a great idea, Thank you for originality that works for all age groups toddlers +. Can't wait to show you my version for a day care school carnival!