Baseball Party

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

The day before Easter we had a small birthday party for my little guy. He was actually born on Easter a few years back. This kid loves baseball! He likes the movie The Sandlot and because of that movie loves all things baseball. So a baseball theme party was perfect!

I'll share some of the details of his party now and be sure to snag the baseball printables so you can use at your baseball party.

As for the food I don't have much on that. For some reason I didn't take photos of the food. Huh?? We had hot dogs, potato chips, peanuts, popcorn and drinks, typical foods that you would find at a ballgame. We added salad too for those that don't eat the other stuff.

Remember the invitation sets the theme for your party! We made the ball invitations pictured below. Very easy and inexpensive! That's red ribbon. (Coming soon!)
When the guests arrived the first thing they saw was the Happy Birthday baseball banner. Another easy and inexpensive project. (Click here for the banner.) 
Each guest, young and old was asked to sign the birthday boy's baseball. He loved this! There is a part in The Sandlot where the characters sign Babe Ruth on a ball and it was kinda like that to him! So cute! :)
For the tables we simply placed a bat, a glove (the balls were being used elsewhere) and peanuts for the guests to enjoy.
Popcorn ready to be popped. We actually got the popcorn popper for Christmas and it came in handy for this party!
We played 3 games. Pin the ball on the bat was one of them. I printed out a bat, top half on one sheet of paper and bottom half on another sheet then lined them up to make the bat. I printed out baseballs with each kids name on card stock. Then placed a small piece of double sided tape on each one.
Pitching was another game. We tied and inflatable pool tube to a small rope and hung it from a tree. The kids had to see how many balls they could pitch through the hole.
The last game was batting. No photo, sorry. We set up the tee for the little ones and the object was to see who could hit the ball the furthest. The big kids simply tossed their own ball up and hit.

We made cupcakes for the cake. Those balls are keychains from the party store. I took off the chain, washed them and they worked great for the cupcake. (Click here to pick up the printable cup cake toppers.)
And last but definitely not least because I heart party favors! Each kid was sent off with a party favor bag! Blue paper lunch sacks from Target, topped and held shut with my latest obsession, clothes pins! Then I stuck on a little thank you favor tag. (Click here for the printable.)  Good stuff inside of these! Peanuts, Cracker Jacks, Sunflower Seeds, Big League Chew, a pack of baseball cards. And because it was at Easter time we found baseballs that were supposed to be plastic eggs (But they were round! Perfect!) We stuffed those with baseball tattoos, baseball eraser and those baseball keychains I was telling you about! They were a hit!
The party went well and the birthday boy had a ball! Be sure to check in soon. Snag the printables here!

Quick links to printable items:
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Thank You Favor Tags

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