9 Years Ago Today

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

This girl married her love!
Perfect Love! That's the name of our song, by Trisha Yearwood. It's engraved in his wedding band. He purposed at a Trisha Yearwood concert during this song. (not on stage) And it was played at our wedding during the recessional. It was perfect!

We got the boys a sitter for the evening so we get to celebrate over dinner. A peaceful dinner!

From day one I have loved his sense of humor. Come on now it takes a sense of humor to put up with that much cake smooched on your face!

And his crazy character!

And there are a ton of other things that I love about him. He is an awesome husband, provider and father, just to name a few. I love you Sweetie! Happy Anniversary!



    What a beautiful couple you make. :)

    And girl, LOVE that video - thanks for posting it. ;)

  2. Happy Anniversay, I am a true love believer!

  3. How sweet!

    Happy anniversary! I hope you two have a great dinner tonight!

    Lots of Smiles!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great time together on your date!

  5. Cute video ....happy ending :)
    Happy Anniversary! Our is tomorrow. Been HAPPILY married to a great guy for 24 years :)