9 Years Ago Today

This girl married her love!
Perfect Love! That's the name of our song, by Trisha Yearwood. It's engraved in his wedding band. He purposed at a Trisha Yearwood concert during this song. (not on stage) And it was played at our wedding during the recessional. It was perfect!

We got the boys a sitter for the evening so we get to celebrate over dinner. A peaceful dinner!

From day one I have loved his sense of humor. Come on now it takes a sense of humor to put up with that much cake smooched on your face!

And his crazy character!

And there are a ton of other things that I love about him. He is an awesome husband, provider and father, just to name a few. I love you Sweetie! Happy Anniversary!

As I look at these photos I think man we were young and as Anita Renfroe says "Little did we know".

Although it's been a great 9 years at times I can totally relate to this video. How about you? (Pause our blog music at the bottom.) Thanks Amy for sharing this video!



    What a beautiful couple you make. :)

    And girl, LOVE that video - thanks for posting it. ;)

  2. Happy Anniversay, I am a true love believer!

  3. How sweet!

    Happy anniversary! I hope you two have a great dinner tonight!

    Lots of Smiles!

  4. Happy Anniversary! Hope you had a great time together on your date!

  5. What a great video

    Happy Anniversary!!!

  6. Cute video ....happy ending :)
    Happy Anniversary! Our is tomorrow. Been HAPPILY married to a great guy for 24 years :)