St Patrick's Day fun!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Here are a couple of projects we are doing this year for St. Patrick's Day for my sons class.

Taste a Rainbow Cupcakes via Family Fun magazine. On March 16th we are going to attempt the cupcakes pictured below. Click here for the how-to. We will post our photos if it's a success.

Lucky Penny's - These are simple and inexpensive! First visit Pumpkin Petunia and download the free lucky penny template. Don't forget to say thanks! Print them, cut them and put your pennies on with double stick tape. See tips below for cleaning pennies. How great do they look?! Right? What do you have planed for your St. Patrick's day?

How we cleaned our pennies. Place enough vinegar in a bowl to cover the bottom of the bowl. Add 1 teaspoon salt. Place a few pennies in and make sure they are not overlapping. As soon as they look clean pull them out! We made the mistake of leaving them in longer thinking they would get cleaner, but they did not, they actually turned back to how they started.

We will be back tomorrow to announce the winner of our Singing Sweet Songs giveaway! Be sure to enter here if you haven't!


  1. i made about a million of those cupcakes today for the girls classes- next year- I'm so using that penny idea instead, lol!!

  2. I made those cupcakes last week, and they were such a hit! It was a little time consuming, but it was sooo worth it!
    (How did ya'lls turn out?!)