Creative Gift

Thursday, March 4, 2010

We recently celebrated my dad's retirement, after 43 years of work at the same company. We had a big ole bash for him cause we are so happy for him. Anyway this creative gift came from my cousin. She printed out sayings, taped them to candy and used the names of the candy to finish the sentence. Creative and fun, right?
May your days of retirement never be Duds. (Milk Duds)

We hope you look back and remember your years of hard work as Good & Plenty.

But if you do not feel that way just remember this - gone are the days of working with a bunch of Nerds.

May your retirement checks always be Whoppers.

Because now is the time to enjoy your Payday!

And in the bag below was cleaning supplies - rubber gloves, feather duster and this note.

Enjoy your new job!
P.S. Becky (my mom) likes the toilets cleaned with bleach.

Is this great or what?! Thanks Cindi for a great idea and laugh! You are so creative! 


  1. That's a great idea. It'd work for nearly any party, I think.

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  3. Cute! Clever! Totally using this idea!

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  4. Too incredibly cute and creative! Love it!

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    Have a great weekend!
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