DIY Valentine Wreath

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

I made this simple wreath for our front door.

Foam Wreath
Straight Pins
Spray paint to match the boa.
First paint your foam wreath. You really can skip this step if you use more than one boa to fully cover your wreath. But I'm a penny pincher.
Next wrap the wire around the foam wreath then adjust as needed to make a hook for hanging.

Hold the boa on the wreath and place a straight pin through the end to hold it in place. I'm sure you can use any other means to fasten your boa to your wreath but I wanted to be able to remove it if needed.
Finally (sorry no picture) wrap the boa around the foam wreath. Try to evenly space each wrap/pass. And fasten at the end with another straight pin.

That's it! Now go hang it somewhere! I chose red for Valentine's Day. But you could do it in any color for any holiday. Ohh imagine red, white and blue for a patriotic wreath!