Recycle the Christmas cards you received!

If you still have all of the Christmas cards you received this year - well, here's what you can do with them.

Step 1. Gather cards. {easy}

Step 2. Cut out shapes from the cards (I like circles). rectangles. squares. whatever.
...I use my circle-cutter. But, you can use a larger-sized paper punch or just cut w/ scissors. {pretty easy} can usually get a good number of shapes from each card - vary the sizes of the shapes to get the most out of each card.

So - now you're going to have a bunch of circles (or stars, or squares, or ovals, or rectangles, or octagons...) Have you figured out what we're making yet?

Yep. We're making gift tags. Nothing fancy. But, they will come in handy next year!, just make sure there isn't any writing on the backs of the tags - so you can write the "to & from" later.

Step 3. Punch a hole at the top. {easy}
...I used a 1/8" hole punch

{if you're wondering what that monstrous hole-punch is - well, it's more than a hole punch!}

So - that's pretty much it!! Done.

You've just found a way to "dispose" of all those cards - without feeling bad about pitching them in the trash.

Or, you could let your kids make tags out of the Christmas cards - just have them use wavy/zig-zag/"fancy" scissors to cut-up the cards.

Isn't this great? Now click here for some other great ideas for those Christmas cards. You'll be glad you did!

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  1. LOVE this Cathy - I just bought me a crop-a-dile :)