Hope for Haiti

Have you noticed the Hope for Haiti button on the sidebar over there
<---------? Well Jenny has put some hard work into Hope for Haiti and I will let her share with you what it is about.

Hi, I'm glad you are here. My name is Jenny Buttler and I own Simply Delightful Designs, a small-ish website and blog design company. I live in Corpus Christi, and I am a mother of three. I created Hope for Haiti very quickly in hopes of spreading hope. I have been a big follower of Compassion.org and have read about missions that other bloggers have taken and have always been so touched.

When I heard about the recent earthquake in Haiti, I cringed. I knew that there were many Americans down there right now volunteering. I lay in bed at night wondering if there was anything that I could do to help, even in a small way and God gave me the idea for Hope for Haiti. It may not be much, and I'm not sure how successful any of this will be - but when you have nothing, a little bit can mean a lot!

All money raised from the raffles on Hope for Haiti will be donated to two organizations - The American Red Cross and Compassion.org. These are two organizations that are very close to my heart and I hope that you can and will take part in what I hope will be a very exciting and heart-warming fundraiser.

I have been getting items and/or services donated, and each item will be listed individually on Hope for Haiti. To purchase a raffle ticket, simply click the link at the end of the raffle description. If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, please email jenny@simplydelightfuldesigns.com or leave a comment anywhere on Hope for Haiti and I will get it.
Thank you Jenny for your hard work! We have donated a $75 Gift Certificate for Cap Creations to Hope for Haiti.
Please visit Hope for Haiti today and go buy some raffel tickets to spread hope!

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